Hello There!

It was 14 years ago when I broke out on my own and started Julie Whitlock Photography. Things were going great until that crazy day that Covid hit. In a minute my whole world changed. I knew I needed something fun, something new that I could learn and use to cheer myself and make people smile. I spent days on Pinterest, Instagram and yes…even Tik Tok looking for something that would be cute, fun and keep myself challenged. I can’t wait to see what happens next! Please check in as my inventory grows and I enjoy learning new fun crafts and mastering new skills!

What We’re About

Fun     Kindness  Originality

Fur Baby Accessories

Dog tags, Bandanas, Stickers

Super Cute Jewelry

Earrings, Necklaces


Totes, Kechains, Scrunchies, Lanyards


Key People

My Team is small but awesome! I’m a wedding photographer, craftperson, dog Mom and wife to the best Hubby ever!

Photo credit: Joni Burtt

Zeke Whitlock

Face Licker and Smile Maker

Julie Whitlock

Designer, Craftsperson, Fun-Maker

Steve Whitlock

Cheerleader, Sounding Board, Support Man